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latest articles | archived articles property snake | a new prime minister with new promises | house prices set to fall | home information packs (HIP) Extended to three bedroom homes | Getting a hip to work for you | Britains empty homes | How to be a good landlord could slowdown turn into crash? | alterations to increase the value of your home | alterations to increase the value of your home | a fall in house prices | The Bank of England Plays Santa | Hips for all | is it so bad to rent?the hidden costs of buying a home | taking advantage of falling property prices | reasons against another property crash | December Rise in House Prices & the Base Rate Stays at 5.5% | A Lesson in House Price History | A Escape to the Country | Repossessions set to Rise in 2008 | Latest Halifax Figures Show Market Resilience The 20 Best Places in Britain to Buy | Choosing the Right Mortgage | Just who is Eligible for Affordable Housing? | How to Avoid the Repo Man | How the Budget Has Failed First-Time Buyers | The Green Homes Initiative | House Price Latest | More Tightening in the Mortgage Market | Gordon Brown to the Rescue! | 10 Projects for Your Home That Don't Need Planning Permission | Analysis Rejects Repeat of 1990s Housing Crash | The Demise of Buy-to-Let Giant Inside Track | Mortgage Lending Drops | A Return to Self-Sufficiency | Rent Increases Set to Create Buyers | Nationwide Downbeat on House Prices The Cost of Home Improvements | Selling in a Difficult Market | The Spanish Property Crash | Homeowners Stay Put | The Rise of the Eco-Town | How to Remortgage in a Difficult Market Making the Most of the Downturn | The Top Ten Coastal Resorts in Which to Own a Home | How to Beat the Housing Slump | Repossessions on the Rise | The Threat of Negative Equity | The Rise of the Reluctant Landlord | Tough Measures for Tough Times | Government Help for the Housing Market | How to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Mortgage | Home Enhancements on a Budget | Grim Mortgage Lending Figures from the Bank of England | The Great Home Raffle | What to do When Your Discounted Mortgage Deal Ends | No Property Slump Here | Bargain Hunting at the Auction | What the Big Base Rate Cut Means to You | House Sales Reportedly at a 30-Year Low | The Growing Trend of the House Swap | A Good Time to Self-Build? | Pre-Budget Report Provides Little Seasonal Cheer for the Housing Market | House Price Latest | â€œMortgage Help” Scheme for Homeowners in Trouble Already House Price Predictions for 2009 | Latest Halifax Figures Spread More Doom and Gloom | Interest Rates at an All-Time Low Borrowers Told to Overpay on their Mortgages | Repossessions Rocket | Return of the Council House | House prices go up | Government Plan to Make our Houses Greener | FSA want Higher Deposits from Homebuyers | House Prices continue to fallSelling Your Home in a Buyers Market | Mixed News for the Housing Market How Accurate are House Price Statistics?How the Cost of Buying a House has Soared | HSBC to Start a Mortgage Price War? | The Chancellors £1bn Budget Plan to Rescue the Housing Market | Dirty Tricks of the Estate Agent | House Prices: A British Obsession | Think Tank Calls for Mortgage Limits | Repossessions Continue to Rise | Englands Social Housing Time Bomb | House Prices Go Up say Nationwide | House Prices: The North/South Gap Widens | How to Reduce the Tax Bill on Your Home | Is your home at risk from flooding? | Brown the builder | Neighbour Disputes - Know your rights | Return of the 125% Mortgage | Slow start for HomeBuy Direct | Mortgage Lending up by 17% in June OFT Target Sale and Rent Back Companies House Prices Predicted to Rise Next Year | Rabbit Hutch Britain | The Interest-Only Mortgage Gamble | House Prices up Four Months in a Row | Can You Afford Your Place in the Sun? | Warning on House Prices form Research Council | Property Market still Tough for First-Time Buyers | Latest House Price Statistics| Positive News from RICS for the Housing Market | Another Rise in house Prices Reported by Nationwide | Lenders Ease up on Mortgage Conditions | Repossessions Loophole Exposed | Mortgage Lending Picks Up How You Pay Extra to Live Near a Good School | Top Incentives for Homebuyers|House Prices up 0.9% in November | Can the Irrational Rally of House PricesContinue in 2010? | Lenders Compete for Custom by Cutting Mortgage Rates | Strong Start to 2010 for House Prices | Are House Prices Rising in Your Area? | Estate Agents Could Lose Out in OFT Shake Up | Endowment Mortgage Misery | An Increase in Sellers Cools House Prices | 50 Years of House Prices | Stamp Duty News Greeted with Caution | A Short History of Stamp Duty | Big Deposits Stump First-Time Buyers | Which Party is best for the Housing Market? Tesco Set to Start Building Homes House Prices Set for Post-Election Boost? | Home Information Packs (HIPs) Suspended by New Government | Japanese Knotweed: A Menace to Homeowners | | Garden-Grabbing to be Curbed by New Government | House Prices Rise 10% in a Year | House Prices continue to fall | Houseboat Living | Healthy Mortgage Lending for June | Cutting the Cost of Moving Home | Interest-Only Mortgage Fears | The Great Fixed-Rate Mortgage Rip-Off | Is the Golden Age of Home Ownership Over? | Stuck in Negative Equity Until 2014 Positive Market News from the Halifax | Rent to Buy: Can it help you get Your First Home? | Is Your Council Tax Band Correct? | Property Prices Latest | Household Rents at an All Time HighMortgage Lending Drops by 90% | New FSA Affordability Rules Could Trap Mortgage Borrowers

Asking Prices Plunge | Competition for Rental PropertiesProperty Market Still on the Slide | The Benefits of Buying a Luxurious New Home - Arthur Sperks Bank of England Warning for 2011 | | Mortgage Lending Hits 20-Month Low | Tenants Struggle to Pay Rent | Impending Interest Rate Rise Creates Mortgage Dilemma | Less Home Repossessions in 2010 | Government Calls to Help First-Time BuyersHousing Market Treading Water | House Price Dip for February | Councils Pioneer Scheme to Help First-Time BuyersNationwide Report House Prices on the UpWho Does the Best House Price Survey?The base rate and remortgaging | Mortgage Lending Rebound in March | Cash Buyers Controlling the Housing Market | | House Prices Fall in April | | Repossessions on the Rise | | Fixed-Rate Mortgages Discounted to Tempt Borrowers | The Mortgage Prisoners | Mortgage Rates at a 23 Year Low | Halifax: Housing Market Significant Headwinds| | The Price of Renting Continues to Rise | Asking Prices Cut For the First Time in 2011 | | Housing Market Remains Inactive | | How to Bag a Property Bargain | | A Negative Equity Boom | | House Prices to Rise 14% by 2015 | | Property Sales Boost for July | Slight Dip in House Prices in August | Is it the Worst Time Ever for First-Time Buyers? | The Scourge of Shameful Shoebox Homes | More Households Facing Fuel Poverty | 2011: A year of Stagnated House Prices Shelter: Private Rents Unaffordable | Letting Agents Become the Villains | A Future Generation of OAP Mortgagees | House Prices Up in October | How to Solve a Housing Crisis | How are energy providers helping householders this winter? | Asking Prices Drop by 3.1% | First-Time Buyer Stamp Duty Concession to End | Mortgage Support Scheme Under Threat FSA Set to Impose New Mortgage Lending Rules House Prices Fell by 1.3% in 2011 | Before you buy your first house Buyer Beware: The Mortgage Fee Rip-Off | Homes at Flooding Risk Highlighted by ABI | The Death Knell for Sell and Rent Back | Property Sales in Traditional New Year Dip | Mortgage Rate Hike for RBS, Nat West & Halifax Customers | UK House Price Fall in February | NewBuy Scheme Launched to Assist Homebuyers New Stamp Duty Rules | Mortgage Deal Numbers Fall Asking Prices Hit an All Time High | Mortgage Rates Continue to Rise | | House Prices Drop £10K in Two Years | | No Good News from RICS | | Are There Hidden Costs When Buying a Home? | | Halifax: No Change In House Prices for the Rest of 2012 | | Nationwide Cite House Price Fall for June | | British Summer Causes a fall in Asking Prices | | 10 tips for finding the best home insurance deal | | The Buy-to-Let Mortgages Boom | | Rising Mortgage Rates Promise More Repossessions | Mortgage Deposits Drop for First-Time Buyers | Considering a move to the garden of England? | A Body Blow for Estate Agents  | Interest-Only Mortgages are Almost Extinct | Why to buy over rent | | Sky High Rents Force up the Housing Benefit Bill | | Calls for More Self-Build Homes | | Repossessions Fall to Five-Year Low | | Positive Prediction for the Housing Market | | End of Year Figures from Nationwide | Eight Years Saving for First-Time Buyers | | Misleading Land Registry House Price Reports | Important measures to take to increase the value of your home Bank Initiative Continues to Fuel the Market | Bedroom Tax Due to Begin in April 2013 || The Interest-Only Mortgage Legacy | Optimism for Estate Agents | The UKs Buy-To-Let Hotspots | Bank to Pay Stamp Duty of First-Time Buyers| | Asking Prices Hit a New High| Home insurance: buildings and contents cover| | Spike in House Sales Shows Market Confidence | | Private Rental the Most Expensive Form of HousingHouse Prices in England & Wales Hit an All-Time High | | The Families Priced Out of 75% of Englands Property Market | Fastest House Price Rise for Seven Years | Finding thatched roof insuranceCreating that curb appeal | | | |New Property Highs from the ONS||Private Rental at a Record High | Thousands Use Help to Buy First Phase | | House Prices Continue to Rise | | House Prices up by 8.4% in 2013 | | House Price Prediction for 2014 | | Borrowed Money to Cover Housing Costs | | Help to Buy Scheme Could End Early | | House Price Rise Begins to Slow | New Mortgage Rules | | House Prices Up 8% in a Year | | Market Still Strong According to Halifax | |Record Numbers Working from Home | Car and Home Insurance Renewals to be More Transparent | | Buy to let insurance guide for new landlords | Landlord insurance buyer’s guide | | Strict Mortgage Rules Curb the Market | |London’s Property Rival | | Homeowners Unprepared for Rising Costs | New Stamp Duty Rates| | Key under the mat | | More Homes on the Market | | North-South Property Divide Set to Narrow | | Help to Buy ISA Set to Help First-Time Buyers | | Are Millionaire Basements a thing of the past? | | Limited Properties aid the rise in house price rises in April 2015 | | Facebook updates could invalidate your home insurance| | Will Right-to-buy hit affordable homes? | | House price growth picks up in July | | Life insurance helps more people than ever | | Lack of Property for Sale Brexit predictions wrong? | | How to avoid invalidating your home insurance | | How can I help my child buy their first home?| | Our Monetary Policy Committee has voted 7-2 to increase Bank Rate to 0.50% | What do UK interest rate rises mean for you? |


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